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Family Weekend spot beside Ox Bow Lake and 10000 migratory birds

Chupi Char Gram

Apart from the winged visitors, the village of Chupi Char has also been home to some of the brightest minds of Bengal. Personalities like...

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Baba Buro Raj Mandir – Jamalpur

Here, devotees worship the deities of Yama (Dharmaraja) and Lord Shiva (Buro Raja) together in a small temple with an appearance of a...

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The mention of Mertala Village can be found in Krittibash Ramayan Panchali. Considered one of the most sacred Tantric Piths –...

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Swami Janaki Das Kathiababa Tapovan Ashram

Following the philosophy of Dwaitadwaitavaadi Vaishnava Vedanta, the Kathia Baba saints belongs to the sect of Nimbarka Vaishnav ascetics...

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The artisans of Natungram create the most fascinating and colourful wooden idols of Bengal. The traditional designs comprises elements...

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Nabadwip or the ‘new island’ served as the old capital of the Sena dynasty and is believed to have been founded in 1063 AD. It...

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